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Magazine Cover – PAUSE Meets: 6LACK

A sense of celebration permeates the air, despite the fact that we are ponds apart. It’s a Friday evening when me and 6LACK connect over Zoom [arguably one of the most anticipated days of the week]. For most, St Patrick’s Day celebrations are in full swing, erupting into utter festivities across the land. For us, the vibrations are equally as high, as we look towards exactly seven days until 6LACK’s long-awaited return and the release of his third studio album Since I Have A Lover.
Now, the moment is here and 6LACK is back.
In a humble ode to embracing almost all aspects of love, 6LACK’s anticipated comeback album sets the scene for an artistically ambitious return. Having left fans hungry since 2020’s 6pc Hot EP, 6LACK’s soul-searching examination into his own romantic capabilities is sure to satiate the appetites of even the most ravenous of palates.

Magazine Cover – PAUSE Meets: Smino

By embracing music and culture on his own terms, Smino explores hyperdimensional realms with every cadence and flow at his disposal. Our ability to adjust and grow is largely determined by our deepest feelings and experiences, which propel us forward to create breakthroughs, learn our true identities, and persist. For St. Louis’ Smino, this comes naturally. In the same manner as his musical approach – personal and introspective – PAUSE Magazine welcomed the rapper to further discuss this concept. “I’m responsible for me and in return – how we represent ourselves is going to reflect that.”

Magazine Cover – PAUSE Meets: Miguel

Miguel is back, raring to go and ready for his return.

There’s something in the air. Perhaps a spirited and definitive sense of returning. Or, at least that’s the case for Miguel, undoubtedly one of music’s most inimitable spirits. “There’s been a lot of lead-ups so I’m looking forward to getting back to a more regular and steady flow of output,” he muses as we take a moment to divulge his unwavering commitment to both music and creativity.

Magazine Cover – PAUSE Meets: Trippie Redd

Upon asking Trippie Redd to invite me into his world, he responds, “I just be on my own shit” and for once, it makes sense. Born Michael Lamar White of Canton, Ohio, Trippie Redd has carved out an indelible niche for himself, be it his persona, style, or musicality.

Infusing both emo sensibilities and ingenuity into a sea of synthesizers and distorted bass, Redd draws a lot of his inspiration from an enchanting blend of R&B, emo-trap, and shock rock, making him one of hip-hop’s most versatile a

“One of the best interviews as far as smart and new questions..”

Wyclef Jean, 2019.