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Cover Story - PAUSE Meets: Lil Tecca

The influence of Queens NY is one that cannot be overstated. Since the borough has long fostered generations of diverse cultures, musical talent, fashion sense, and activism, it’s no wonder that throughout history it has bestowed some of hip-hop’s most iconic artists. It seems unlikely that such a vital milieu can ever again nurture such an innovative movement, but the current generation of musicians beg to differ – leaving a lasting impact and showing us exactly what they’re made of.

At first glance, Lil Tecca seems like your average twenty-one-year-old immersed in the world of swanky fits, social consciousness, and technological advancements. But beyond his exterior lies a story of ambition – a story that speaks to the power of dreams. A life which almost every kid dreams of.

Cover Story - PAUSE Meets: Rich the Kid

For those unaware, it takes a deeper look at Rich the Kid’s journey to realise that he is far from just another rap sensation, but rather a name that carries the ring of ambition and hard-earned achievement. Born Dimitri Rogers in New York and raised later in Atlanta, Rich is a byproduct of the two cities that made him. As two geographical states where legends are made and dreams are formed, there was only ever one way up.

Emerging onto the commercial scene with his debut album, The World is Yours (2018), Rich revealed a raw, unbridled passion for music – which soon became the catalyst for a series of collaborative projects, mixtapes, and singles to follow. Extending far beyond the confines of the studio and mic, Rich continued to build an empire by creating his own record label, named Rich Forever Music, which showcased both his talent and support of emerging artists.

#HIPHOP50 Special: An Interview with AKON

It’s the year 2004. The world is amidst a technological revolution, the hip-hop industry is awash in a variety of trends and events that are defining its landscape (establishing itself both commercially and critically as one of the world’s foremost cultural forces) and newcomer Akon has just released his debut single ‘Locked Up’, an unescapable track unlike anything the world has ever heard before.

You can feel it – the significant shift in the air. The way people are consuming and accessing both information and music has changed and it’s safe to say, culture is undergoing a revolution.

Magazine Cover – PAUSE Meets: 6LACK

A sense of celebration permeates the air, despite the fact that we are ponds apart. It’s a Friday evening when me and 6LACK connect over Zoom [arguably one of the most anticipated days of the week]. For most, St Patrick’s Day celebrations are in full swing, erupting into utter festivities across the land. For us, the vibrations are equally as high, as we look towards exactly seven days until 6LACK’s long-awaited return and the release of his third studio album Since I Have A Lover.
Now, the moment is here and 6LACK is back.
In a humble ode to embracing almost all aspects of love, 6LACK’s anticipated comeback album sets the scene for an artistically ambitious return. Having left fans hungry since 2020’s 6pc Hot EP, 6LACK’s soul-searching examination into his own romantic capabilities is sure to satiate the appetites of even the most ravenous of palates.

Magazine Cover – PAUSE Meets: Smino

By embracing music and culture on his own terms, Smino explores hyperdimensional realms with every cadence and flow at his disposal. Our ability to adjust and grow is largely determined by our deepest feelings and experiences, which propel us forward to create breakthroughs, learn our true identities, and persist. For St. Louis’ Smino, this comes naturally. In the same manner as his musical approach – personal and introspective – PAUSE Magazine welcomed the rapper to further discuss this concept. “I’m responsible for me and in return – how we represent ourselves is going to reflect that.”

Exclusive Interview: Jordan Adetunji

As a musician who accentuates reality, experiences and critical topics with empathetic tone, Jordan Adetunji embodies the new generation of musicians who are unafraid to venture into the whirlwind of creative possibilities. Discussions about his artistic output often mirror his deeper meanings, which are relatable and touching, qualities that are often conveyed through his music and visual offerings. “Loving yourself is so important and I feel like a lot of people don’t love themselves and look

Review: Philipp Plein’s New Collection Party In Cannes

La Jungle Du Roi, tucked away in the Cannes cityscape, is a haven of peace and luxurious chic, where German designer Philipp Plein calls one of his many homes. Upon entering the eloquence, you experience a sensibility that embodies Philipp Plein’s aesthetic – pure extravagance.

The vibes are plentiful and bubbly, not only from the champagne flowing upon entry, but from the sizeable, stunning flower sculpture emulating Philipp’s debut women’s fragrance bottle, expected to release at the end of O

Magazine Cover – PAUSE Meets: Miguel

Miguel is back, raring to go and ready for his return.

There’s something in the air. Perhaps a spirited and definitive sense of returning. Or, at least that’s the case for Miguel, undoubtedly one of music’s most inimitable spirits. “There’s been a lot of lead-ups so I’m looking forward to getting back to a more regular and steady flow of output,” he muses as we take a moment to divulge his unwavering commitment to both music and creativity.

Review: Sziget Festival 2022

A term like ‘experience’ is often used to describe an occurrence that is cognizant, a memorable event that cannot soon be forgotten. In spite of this, if you were lucky enough to attend one of Europe’s largest and most important gatherings – Sziget Festival – it too, would easily qualify as quite the example.

Established in 1993, amidst the aftermath of the Soviet collapse, Sziget Festival found itself flourishing in a revolutionary milieu, in the wake of political turmoil and socialism. In som

Magazine Cover – PAUSE Meets: Trippie Redd

Upon asking Trippie Redd to invite me into his world, he responds, “I just be on my own shit” and for once, it makes sense. Born Michael Lamar White of Canton, Ohio, Trippie Redd has carved out an indelible niche for himself, be it his persona, style, or musicality.

Infusing both emo sensibilities and ingenuity into a sea of synthesizers and distorted bass, Redd draws a lot of his inspiration from an enchanting blend of R&B, emo-trap, and shock rock, making him one of hip-hop’s most versatile a

Magazine Cover – PAUSE Meets: CKay

In the midst of a global pandemic, few may claim global success. There are opportunities abounding; if you are someone like CKay. Totally present and able to find value in the additions that add up to a magnificent whole, the road to becoming a modern-day mastermind of Afrobeats can be a smooth one given the right ingredients. Even with the unwavering success that has anchored his sound so deeply in the contemporary Afrobeat

Magazine Cover – PAUSE Meets: Unknown T

“There’s a different element to me now…” The grounding of Unknown T’s sound is inseparable from his roots. Teeming with social commentary, circumstantial experience, and the gritty realities of life, his music is a means for catharsis, a greater therapy than dialogue could ever be. What lies beneath his publicised temperament is vaster than the Unknown. “Now that I have shown the growth, I want people to see the continuation of my journey.” In anticipation of releasing his second solo project ‘A

Exclusive Interview: Aziya

East London’s Aziya is a musical autodidact. A burgeoning artist swaggering the ability to lace woozy lyrical sentiment contrasted with psych-rock instrumentation. And yes, in case you were wondering - she is a force to be reckoned with.

To the untrained ear, Aziya’s discography interprets a more habitual side to alt-rock. Though her music reaps inspiration from what has already been (said and) done, through graver inspection and discussion, we are met with Aziya’s innovative approach to music, a honed sound brimming with realism, emotion, and soaring guitar riffs.

Magazine Cover – PAUSE Meets: Christian Combs

To say that Y2K, the zeitgeist of the late ’90s and mid-2000s, has artistically influenced contemporary culture, would simply be an understatement. From fashion to music, to practically every characteristic of pop culture, there are only a select few that are still able to reign at the vanguard of the iconic movement – Christian ‘King’ Combs being one of them.

For Christian Casey Combs, a respected auteur and son of hip-hop mogul Sean Combs (Puff Daddy) and Model Kim Porter, it comes as second

Exclusive Interview: The Kid Laroi

[Image: Jason Nocito] It is often said that hard work is the backbone of success and Australian maven The Kid Laroi is irrefutable proof. For the average 17-year-old, teen-hood is overcast by discreditable Facebook statuses and old-fangled senior pics, but as noted, with time – things change. At the tender age of 17, The Kid Laroi is among the new generation of musicians whose ascent to fame is far from average. Underpinned by billions of streams, an artistic terrain with no border and authenticity, The Kid Laroi is exactly where he is meant to be.

Exclusive Interview: JGRREY

I often question myself about the defining characteristics of music. Is it longevity? Or perhaps the feeling that it evokes? Yet, I beheld the answer, deftly captured in front of me, throughout JGrrey’s debut EP. The answer? Authenticity. “People sometimes ask me ‘why did you say It’s a beautiful day to die in your songs? To which I respond, ‘Because it’s true.’ My music resonates with me and when someone comes up to me to say they love a song – it means more.” JGrrey is unafraid to be transpare

Exclusive Interview: $NOT

Hoodie up. Strings tautened. And we’re vaguely greeted with the facial structure of a young man. In ‘normal circumstances’, perhaps that could be considered quite unsociable. However, amidst a climate and pandemic so erratic, it’s almost as if the whole ‘hoodie up’ look was ahead of its time.

Just ask $NOT, the Florida-residing rapper (renowned for his idiosyncratic pulled-up hoodie style) who has managed to carve his artistic direction so disparately to others hailing from the sunshine state.

Exclusive Interview: GIVEON

Drake’s ‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes’ isn’t the only lane Grammy-nominated artist Giveon finds himself on, in fact, his anecdotal knack and meticulous ability to story tell has the 25-year-old carving his very own path in contemporary R&B.

Honing his writing skills from the love of English, the art of narration and his mother’s power to foretell his success, Giveon’s rich, baritone voice and sagely qualities leaves us without a question as to why he is one of the most riveting artists of our time.

In conversation with PAUSE, Giveon shares his experiences of life living on the fringe of suburban Long Beach California, the importance of social platforms and political stances, his matchless approach to making music and what he has in store next.

Exclusive Interview: 24kGoldn

With a name like Golden (Landis Von Jones), metal isn’t the only thing that derives a diversity of special properties and qualities – in fact, it comes in human form too.

Qualitative in the way he carries himself, Golden, known professionally as 24kGoldn, currently acquires the number one spot in the world with his song ‘Mood’ featuring friend and collaborator Ian Diorr.

Rising to fame back in 2019 with his platinum single ‘Valentino’, 24kGoldn has continued to harvest his successes – becoming an emblematic figure in the current-day music scene. And If that wasn’t enough to brag about, the baby-faced musician is gearing up to release his debut studio album El Dorado but before it surfaces – it would only be right to enlist the world’s biggest superstar Justin Bieber and J Balvin for a ‘Mood’ remix.

Magazine Cover – PAUSE Meets: YG

In 2014, YG dropped his debut [multi-platinum] album ‘My Krazy Life’. 6 years down the line and the Compton-native continues to embody the realities of street culture and personal experiences through his uniquely woven sound. His newest album ‘My Life 4HUNNID’ regenerates his unswerving ability to deliver yet another navel-gazing body of work.

It’s often said that to become a respected artist, one must follow a certain trajectory. Remaining at the core of modern-day rap and stripped-down G Funk, YG, born Keenon Jackson, aims to leave a legacy behind of remembrance and pure respect.

Ahead of the release of his latest album, PAUSE Magazine caught up with YG to discuss the prophecy behind his music, long-term goals, and most of all, the importance of authenticity.

Exclusive Interview: Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean is undoubtedly one of the most influential artists to come out of the 90’s. As vibrant as ever, the 49 year old sat down to chat all things new music, influences and his important attempt to spread awareness on life.

Let’s talk the new album Wyclef goes back to school which is due in the upcoming weeks, for anyone that doesn’t know the concept behind this, how would you explain it?

“The best way to explain it with regards to my relevancy is we’re in 2019. When we acknowledge “Wild